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Right now the cosplay community is in a uproar about race and what is and is not okay to do regarding a costume. I personally am not a fan of anyone trying to force their opinions on another person. But I would like to try and help the community better understand an issue before they begin preaching on it.

Today’s topic: Blackface vs. Painting one’s skin for character accuracy.

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Santoine: No. There is no difference. It’s all problematic. No, you cannot justify painting one’s skin to look like a different race. You cannot do that. 

Do you understand how much privilege there is in changing one’s skin tone? You pretty much have the liberty of removing years of turmoil and trivializing them just for a moment’s worth of ‘fun’. That is so offensive. You don’t need to change your skin tone to play a character this a different race from you!

And when it comes to characters that don’t exist within reality like characters who have purple or green skin, it’s then okay to paint your skin like that. But other then that, noooooooo. Don’t do it!

You are so wrong for okaying this! I really stress that you should go through our blog and learn about changing your skin tone for cosplay. 



Furthermore, people should take note that 9/10 it’s white folk who think they need to dark themselves up in order to cosplay. That really really should tell you something about the power dynamics and history involved in the practice. White folk stay thinkin it’s their birthright to take POC skin tones on and off like a costume.

Wtf is wrong with these crackers

It’s so funny to me that white people always want to turn non debatable shit into a debate, every time. It just goes to show that most white folks still don’t see us as human. Because you never take our thoughts on shit that affects us at our word. Nope. You gotta turn it into a debate. Because treating us decently is debatable for you, and can be done at your own god damn convenience. All of y’all racist motherfuckers can go debate yourselves right off the nearest cliff. I’m fucking sick of this.

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    This is really cool, I’m sorry PCfags made you have to edit it multiple times to make it less ‘offensive’.
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    I’ll leave this here for all those cosplayers out there. Cosplay whoever you want; feel free to darken your skin...