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Let me add something to that response: Even today, people of color wearing clothes from our cultures gets us killed. Hell, even if we AREN’T wearing things from our culture, if we aren’t speaking the ~dominant language~ in a public place, we face unwelcome stares at best, death threats at worst. Even when we aren’t doing THAT, we face the same things. White people come at us for simply existing and daring to do so in their line of sight; you really think us wearing stuff from our culture will be welcomed with open arms?

"But I’M white and *I* don’t—" Yeah, good for you. Doesn’t change the fact that the majority of this harassment comes from your god damn people. Doesn’t change the fact that the risk is still there. Doesn’t change the fact that while we get harassed for wearing out clothes, white people can wear our clothes—which, bee tee dubs, holds a lot of significance—and be praised for it. If anybody feels so compelled to cry that racism is a two way street, I’m gonna tell you to stuff it and bounce.

People of Color face all sorts of risks—risks that you as a white person don’t even have to think about, risks that are so removed from your lived experience that you think we’re making this shit up— just by walking out our god damn doors in the morning, and you want to get mad at us for wearing jeans, when we wear them because your folk perpetuate the threats we face if we don’t? Nah, bruh, get real.

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    TIL white people forced us to wear jeans
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