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I sifted through your blog, and it’s pretty much nothing but naked women of color, porn, and poor poc.

Ain’t a damn thing here for you, especially with this piece of shit that you reblogged talking about race mixing.

Unfollow me because I don’t want you here. Smh if you really think you can reblog something about race mixing and think that me, a mixed race person, isn’t gonna be disgusted and made greatly uncomfortable by you following. Smh if you think I’m gonna be comfortable with you following me after seeing the shit you reblog.



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    I only wish that asshole was going to see this excellent commentary, but they probably won’t since thinkspeakstress...
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    Pure races are a myth. Race is a social concept, not a biological one. The very idea that your heritage has to be...
  7. skindeap said: That picture makes my heart hurt. Physical ache in my chest region.
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