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I just watched a video where an older white guy decided to call a younger black guy a nigger multiple times on a bus.. Now, this bus is full of white people but tell me why no one jumps in until the black guy gives the racist white guy a quick two-piece… Nobody said anything.. Nobody put the old man in his place… So in my opinion.. Every white person on the bus should have gotten a two-piece.. Every one of them.. Cause if you sit there and say nothing.. I’m gonna assume you agree… Y’all real complacent in your folks racism… So you are just as guilty…

PREACH. It pisses me off SO much that white folk will never step in while their skinfolk are acting out, but as soon as PoC retaliate against them in any way, they’re elbowing each other in the face to be the one to protect the racist from the wrath they brought upon themselves. White people want racism without any of the consequences. I saw a video where an old white man SHOVED a poc boy and got up in his face. His white friend didn’t give two shits, until the poc boy got angry and pushed him back, in self defense, trying to get this man out of his face. It always goes down that way. White people…

They don’t ever say anything… Something like that happened at a bowling alley once… This drunk white guy started singing “black monkey” instead of “brass monkey”(the song)… And when my friend called him a cracka.. Then here comes his friend saying “well I’m offended by that”… As long as violence is being enacted on someone who is non-white but specifically black then they are ok with it.. They don’t say shit.. Because I think that deep down.. They like it.. They like to see violence thrust on us… And then here is where you can insert the bolded..

Trigger warning for descriptions of violence in the second paragraph.]

I’m so sorry that happened to you. Uggh. White people always do that shit, then they wanna talk about “turn the other cheek” and “be the better person” and “two wrongs don’t make a right” and “I’m so disappointed in the person of color for yelling/getting angry/being emotionally upset/getting physical” and it’s like oh, but you’re fine with watching us get abused. That turn the other cheek shit? They try to use that as their get out of jail free card, and then get mad when people of color don’t excuse their asses for enacting violence on them.

I watched a video where a white man was calling an old Black woman a nigger, and pulling her so hard by the hair that he actually dragged her up out of her seat and to her feet. She grabbed his cane TO KEEP HIM FROM HITTING HER WITH IT. And he hit her anyway, and meanwhile, everybody is yelling at HER to let go of his cane. Everybody yells at her when he is assaulting her and she grabs his hair in self defense to get him to let go. He is beating her on the bus, calling her slurs, and every white person is sitting, watching. Until she gets a window of opportunity to fight back. THEN, they’re leaping to their feet, yelling in despair and horror. THEN, the bus driver steps in, and separates them, and puts the white guy off the bus. And then, he tries to put the Black woman off the bus too, at the same damn stop, and it’s clear that if she gets off that bus—AT NIGHT—at the same stop as that man, he will probably kill her. Black woman refuses. Bus driver calls the cops. I was sick to my stomach. White people do not have any sort of belief that we are human, and are all too happy to not give a damn about what happens to us. They’re all too happy to talk about “racism is wrong,”…. as long as the victims of it don’t retaliate in any way, be it words, or self fucking defense.

exactly… as long as the victims of racism don’t resist then they are all good.. that’s that disingenuous passive ass racism that grinds my gears.. White people love this kind of racism… cause it gets their “violence on black folks” rocks off while absolving them of the responsibility and accountability of overt racism.. they ain’t slick doe.. we know all the tricks..

Passive racism is theeeee fucking worst. And these same white people who will happily sit by and watch you get your ass beat, and not react until you defend yourself, are the same white people who will be the first to go, “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE…” You’re absolutely right. No responsibility or accountability at all. Everything about it makes me angry. White people do this shit on the daily, but it’s Black folks who are violent. It’s Black folks who are angry. It’s Black folks who are out of control. Who are in the wrong. Who are uncivilized. Who are animalistic. Who have problems. White people CONSISTENTLY do this shit, but every time, it’s “Well, you know, Im glad that not everybody is like that, though!” Makes me livid. But as angry as it makes me, when it happens, it’s fucking terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.
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    I still think we have racism issues out the wazoo, but it’s nice to see the government is finally DOING something about...
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    It is very hard to respond to this, because I want to say “not all white people are like this”, because they’re not,...
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